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Dr. Neil Fleshner.

Dr. Neil Fleshner holds an MD and MPH and is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto and uro-oncologist within the Division of Urology at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network. He is also the Director of the UHN Biospecimen Services and Princess Margaret Cancer Biobank as well as the Founder and Director of the McCain GU BioBank.

In addition to these roles, Dr. Fleshner holds the inaugural Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention. He is past Division Chair of Urology and Chairman of the Canadian UroOncology Group. He has played a major role in the establishment of a Canadian research network to foster biologic research across the country, linking centers across Canada. Dr. Fleshner is a Principal Investigator who is recognized for his contributions to translational prostate cancer research that spans biomarker development, clinical trials, and health services projects, resulting in an impressive publication record, including over 600 peer-reviewed manuscripts and contributions to over 7 books.

Additionally, his competitive funding record has supported clinical research that has focused on understanding how micronutrient use and obesity affect prostate cancer pathogenesis and to evaluate how related metabolic compounds may influence prevention and progression. This is complemented by a translational research program that aligns tumour biology with patient care through the discovery of genetic biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and the development of personalized treatment strategies.

The success of these efforts has resulted in the initiation of the Genetic Risk Assessment Program (GRASP) to enhance genetic testing access and mitigate cancer risk, particularly for high-risk groups like BRCA2 carriers and Black men. Ultimately, Dr. Fleshner’s vision is to use a comprehensive approach to improve the experiences of patients with prostate cancer.