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Dr Michael Maher

Mater Private Hospital Dublin

Dr Michael Maher trained in St. Luke’s Hospital in Radiation Oncology. He worked in Institut Curie and Institut Gustav Roussey in Paris before returning to Ireland in 1995 when appointed Director of Radiation Oncology in the Mater Private Hospital. He has overseen the development of Radiation Oncology services in the Mater Private which has expanded to include a satellite Unit in Limerick in 2005.
He introduced Radio-Active Seed Implant as a treatment for prostate cancer to Ireland and has been treating patients with radio-active seed implants since early 2002. He also commenced HDR (High Dose Rate) Brachytherapy as a treatment for high risk prostate cancer in 2008. Dr Maher played a pivotal role in establishing a joint venture between the Mater Private Hospital and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool U.K. which saw the establishment of a new Private Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Unit (2012 /2013) on the Clatterbridge site.