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Dr Pierre Blanchard

Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, Paris

Dr Blanchard is a faculty at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, France. He has developed a strong clinical background in the field of Head and Neck radiotherapy, Genitourinary radiotherapy and brachytherapy as well as proton therapy and quality of life studies. In parallel to his medical training, he performed a PhD in Public Health on biostatistics and individual patient data meta-analyses. He is frequently invited for talks on statistics and methodology applied to clinical research. He is currently the clinical manager of the Head and Neck meta-analyses performed at Gustave Roussy (> 150 trials, 4 individual patients meta-analysis, a consortium of more than 15 institutions). He is very active within the internationally recognized head and neck research groups GORTEC (head and neck oncology) and GETUG (urologic oncology). He is the co-primary investigator of an international phase III trial on pelvic lymph node radiotherapy in high risk prostate cancer and of a phase III trial of stereotactic body radiotherapy in oligometastatic prostate cancer. Dr Blanchard also serves as faculty for different courses organized at Gustave Roussy and is currently responsible for a national teaching course on head and neck radiotherapy. He has published more than 120 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He also serves as reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Radiotherapy and Oncology, and the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics. He is currently an adjunct Associate Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center, after having spent two years there as a visiting Faculty, and the co-Editor in Chief of Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology, one of ESTRO’s newly launched open access journal ( He has been appointed in 2019 as the Director of Gustave Roussy’s School of Cancer Sciences.