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Hing Leung 310x360

Prof Hing Leung

Beatson Institute, Glasgow

Hing Leung (HL) is a Surgeon-Scientist and holds the Chair of Urology and Surgical Oncology at the University of Glasgow, and has adjunct appointments as Senior Group Leader at the CRUK Beatson Institute and Consultant Urological Surgeon at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He has pioneered translational research in urological oncology resulting in several substantial collaborative drug discovery projects. A project that he helped launch to develop FGFR inhibitor has now received FDA approval (through Janseen Pharmaceutica).
He was responsible for in vitro and pre-clinical studies leading to one of the first viral mediated cytotoxic gene therapy studies in prostate cancer in the UK, through collaboration with Birmingham and Leeds Universities. He developed the concept of, and secured funding for the Scottish National Prostate Cryotherapy Service, and a randomised controlled trial to study efficacy of second line prostate cryotherapy (Cancer Research UK funded; 12 UK centres), along with a biomarker sub-study with separate funding. More recently, he has pioneered novel (including transgenic mouse) models for translational research in prostate and bladder cancer, leading to an ongoing proof of concept clinical trial in men.